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A small token of gratitude and acknowledgement to all those who created SHANKAR_ THE SHOWMAKER.

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It’s been a long time since I had entered the world of music. It fascinated me since my childhood. An aura of ‘Sur’ and ‘Sangeet’ that blended into my soul took me a long way to winning hearts and awards. Life has come a long way and I have realized that the almighty had a special plan for my existence— to entertain others through my vocal chord.  A small token of gratitude and acknowledgement to all those who created SHANKAR_ THE SHOWMAKER.

Every time I get onto the stage, the galore of audience’s love and passion towards me takes me into a different world of musical grandeur from where I am able to deliver some really nice music that makes me and my fans elated. The shout from the crowd and the several compliments that keep pouring in makes my performances more endearing.

While performing abroad, the fact that I represent my country drives my inner conscious by gratitude and humbleness and at the same time makes me proud enough because not everyone gets the same pedestal. Awards hold a much esteemed place in my life. They remind me of the days when I strived hard to be the person I am today. They keep me grounded and encourage me to perform better and better till my last breathe. My family has been supportive all through my sojourn which has fueled my vigor to achieve more in life.

While performing for high corporate companies, big events, parties and sharing stage with some music maestros of all time intrigues my soul from soul from within and pokes me deliver my best. I have been performing for a long time which keeps me busy all day and night but my utter inclination towards music doesn’t ever allow my body and brain to get exhausted and rest for a while. I have come here to entertain you through music and I will do it till my end.